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The summer is the perfect time to travel north to escape the Florida heat and cool off in some of Americaís most refreshing southern swimming holes. Whether you pack up the car, the camper, or the RV, itís worth a summer escape!

Devil's Den, Florida

On the way from Fort Myers to Devilís Den, road trippers have plenty of opportunities to cool off at a variety of natural springs and even swim with Manatees in Crystal River! Make sure you bring along any gear you might have, as Devilís Den allows scuba diving and snorkeling. In fact, its peaceful, open area makes it the perfect location for a dive training facility. Diving in the ancient springs, there is a clear view of fish while scaling Floridaís aquifer foundation. (Florida is essentially a large piece of limestone!) The Devilís Den has lodging and restaurants nearby, which is great after working up an appetite exploring the waters all day.



Falling Water Falls, ARKANSAS

Falling Water Falls is part of the Ozarks National Forest. The waterfall is about 10 feet high and spills into a big pool that is a popular swimming hole in the summer. If you have ever wanted to swim in a waterfall pool, itís worth the drive! Many of the parks have neighboring lodges and restaurants so you can enjoy the scenery for as many days as you want! On your way out of Florida, you can also check out some fun pit stops, like the Rainbow Falls River Canyon and Graceland.


Jacobís Well, like Devilís Den, is a deep aquifer. Itís also the largest in the state, extending a staggering 160 feet below. It is a great excursion for experienced divers and reaches the point of complete darkness, leaving you returning to a light at the end of the tunnel. If youíre not the scuba diving type, donít worry! Many people also just swim around the mouth of the tunnel. The experience comes complete with a free tour at the Nature Center to learn more about the area and famous divers who have braved the dangers of Jacobís Well! Make sure to take your time and enjoy a couple extra days exploring the hiking grounds.

For Floridian adventurers looking to escape the humid heat of Southwest Florida, take a road trip and explore the refreshing watering holes of the South East and the peaceful getaway they have to offer.



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