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5 Hacks For Your Next Boating Or Fishing Trip

Southwest Florida is the perfect place to boat or fish for both vacationers and locals! We have a million different ways to fish, from shark fishing on the beach to reef fishing by boat to inshore fishing by kayak. Here are some tips for fisherman and boaters of all experience levels that are braving the heat this summer! 5 hacks for your next boating or fishing trip.

  1. Liquid Soap Removes Bugs

    Boatsetter recommends a great way to get rid of love bugs when driving your boat to a launch or marina: Put liquid soap on the front of the boat, especially the console and windshield! When you arrive, the love bugs should easily come off and you can start your trip sooner.

  2. Vinegar Can Prevent Mold

    Vinegar, the natural mold killer! Boatsetter also recommends using vinegar to prevent mold and make it easier to remove. Dilute the vinegar with water for a cleaning solution that’s versatile and affordable! It’s also environmentally friendly and doesn’t have the strong smell of bleach.

  3. Stainless Steel Get Rids of Fish Odor

    Get rid of fish odor from your skin by rubbing your wet hands over stainless steel. You still need to use soap to remove any grime and bacteria, but the chemical reaction from the steel removes odor-causing molecules! You can use steel objects around your house like the faucet, kitchen sink, or a steel bowl.

  4. A Wine Cork Keeps Your Belongings Afloat

    Add a wine cork to your sunglass catcher or keychain to help prevent you from losing them while out on the water. If you drop your sunglasses or keys for any reason, they’ll float along the surface where you can still find them!

  5. Household Items Help You Stay Organized

    Use household items like safety pins, egg cartons, and Tic Tacs to help keep your tackle together and organized. Use the safety pin to keep hooks together with the correct sizes. Egg cartons are great to keep bobbers together and organized by size. And Tic Tac packages can be used for split-shot weights and to keep hooks together when fishing inshore, especially when fishing on kayaks. Whether you are an experienced boater or fisherman, these tips can help keep you organized and get you out on the water or fishing a little bit faster. What are some of your favorite boating and fishing hacks?

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