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Take It Easy: Safety Tips for Driving with a Trailer

Driving in general can be dangerous. Throw a trailer into the mix and you’re even more at risk for an accident. Driving with a trailer involves extra preparation and awareness. Here are some tips to help keep you and everyone on the road a little safer.


Whether you are an experienced trailer owner or just bought your first trailer yesterday, it is always a good idea to go to an abandoned parking lot or open area to test drive a new trailer before hitting the road. Take the opportunity to get a feel for the size of the trailer and get a hang of its turning radius and blind spots. Also make sure to look for any small kinks, like a broken taillight. This will help to avoid any issues on the road for you or surrounding drivers.


The fact is, most drivers think trailers are slow and will make impulsive maneuvers to pass them, which creates a dangerous situation for both drivers. So, even after test driving our trailers, take it easy on the road. Drive by the 5 Second Rule, which means waiting five seconds before driving behind someone at the light and stopping earlier when coming to a stop, allowing yourself room to pull up behind a car.


A good driver is not defined by how they drive every day but how they react in a bad situation. When driving a trailer, you need to be aware of blind spots and reckless drivers around you at all times. In tougher conditions, take additional time to make sure the lane next to you is clear before changing over. Avoid changing lanes around bigger packs of cars and stick to the right-hand lane so other vehicles can easily pass. This is essential if your trailer is carrying a boat, as there have been many accidents in the local Fort Myers area where a boat has tipped off a trailer on a turn and, luckily, no one was hurt.

When driving with a trailer, make sure to let yourself be familiar with its feel, turning radius, and blind spots; to take it easy and exercise caution on the road; and to be wary of the area around you, especially in challenging weather. Taking a little more effort to drive safely makes the roads a safer place for everyone.

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