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Top 4 Locations for Off-Roading and Mudding in Florida

With miles of flat land, swamps, and on-and-off rain showers, Florida is a paradise for off-roading and mudding. No matter what off-road vehicle you’re riding (truck, ATV, jeep, etc.), you can’t go wrong when you ditch the paved roads for dirt ones in Florida. In no specific order, here are four locations you need to check out on your next outdoor adventure.

Redneck Mud Park (Punta Gorda)

Unless you’re new to mudding in Florida, you’ve probably heard about the major Redneck Yacht Club event. Redneck Mud Park is 800 acres of endless fun with three mud holes, a mud track, and a drive-thru buggy/ATV wash. Camping is included in the price of a weekend pass. Whether you’re looking for something family-friendly, close to the action, or nestled away from it all, there are tons of camping areas to choose from. Check out to see how you can get in on the action!

Tri-State Off Road Park (Clarksville)

If mudding or off-roading is a family event for you, the Tri-State Off Road Park promises fun for all ages (and admission for kids 10 and younger is free!). Their tracks include top ground, deep mud bog holes, play holes, a consistency pit, foot races, and a go-cart track. Participate in their ticket drawings every Saturday night for a chance to win cash and prizes! Find out more at

Revolution Off-Road (Clermont)

You’ll never run out of things to do at Revolution Off-Road. Revolution is the perfect choice for those who are just getting into off-roading and mudding. They offer a training area to make sure each rider has the basic skills to ride safely and tour guides will ride along with you to ensure your safety. But with 220 acres of trails and attractions, recreational riders won’t find themselves bored either! Break up your off-road excursions with trips to the private 65-acre Trophy Bass fishing lake or enjoying some archery or practice shooting. See for more.

Hardrock Cycle Park (Ocala)

If you’re interested in competitive off-roading, Hardrock Cycle Park is a must-go. Hardrock has been host to some of the top race programs in the country, including the Florida State Championship Series. The 100-acre sports facility is equipped with three levels of off-road trails and four race tracks, including a two-mile National Caliber Motocross Track with varied elevation challenges and challenging technical sections. The best part about Hardrock? They’re open seven days a week, rain or shine. Learn more at

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